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Final chance to get your Moonlace packs at Patreon!

Final chance to get your Moonlace packs at Patreon! published on 2 Comments on Final chance to get your Moonlace packs at Patreon!

Join the Downloadable Party special offer on my Patreon before the month ends!
Packs 1 to 10 are available to download right now and up to July 31st by midnight.
This is the last week to join and still get the offer, so make sure you get yours by pledging $10 or more!

Pack 9 includes all the existing pages of the comic Moonshadow Memoirs. This a spin-off of Moonlace specifically focusing on NSFW side stories of the characters from the main comic. Night 1 revolves about Amarissa and her decision to return to Moccha previous to Chapter 1. Night 2 is a conversation between Jen and Moccha speaking about their past experiences, of which Moccha’s story is fully finished.

You can also download pack 10 that includes the comic Moonlace up to date. This pack includes the Patreon hi-res files in addition to the sketch thumbnails, and the WIP sketches of most existing pages. With this you should be up to date with the comic!
Do not miss them!

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Hi, I was just wondering if there’s someplace where we can order this books in physical form.

Sadly right now Moonlace is not planned to be printed in the near future. Not many editorials are interested in an adult comics. But I am always alert in case I learn of a place that could potentially accept Moonlace and have a printed version of it 🙂

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