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Happy Christmas 2022!

Happy Christmas 2022! published on No Comments on Happy Christmas 2022!

Happy holidays, everyone!
I wish you an amazing end of the year 2022 and the beginning of 2023!

Thanks a lot for following this comic for another year! There are more surprises coming, as the story advances and new characters get introduced and old ones return. Keep an eye open for Moonlace during 2023!

Also, I’ll take advantage of this time to remind you, that this Jennifer pic and many others have NSFW alternative versions available at Gumroad, Patreon and Subscribestar. Make sure to check out those sites and support the creation of the comic if you can! You’ll be getting a ton of additional rewards in return, like the exclusive short adult comics Moonshadow Memoirs with the characters from Moonlace.

Thanks a lot for your amazing support during 2022! See you in 2023!

Updates slowing down for a bit…

Updates slowing down for a bit… published on No Comments on Updates slowing down for a bit…

Thankfully my other comic project Bethellium has been successfully funded at Indiegogo recently.
Here’s the LINK in case you’re curious about it.

Sadly this also means I need to work extra hard to finish those extra rewards in time. This will limit my time quite a bit, so I need to slow down the creation of more pages of Moonlace too in order to make time for that.
Don’t worry though, Moonlace will continue with at least two updates every month if nothing super urgent comes in the way.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding!
We should be back to a regular schedule soon, promise!

You can also follow future updates on Twitter or Discord:



Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! published on 1 Comment on Happy Christmas!

Art by ABD.

Happy Holidays everyone!
No matter what you celebrate this winter, hope you have an amazing time!
We’ll be back to regular comic updates in January. For now, enjoy a Chandra pinup and see you again in January 2022!
Thanks a lot for reading this comic during 2021! Hope to see you around still during 2022!

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