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Prologue Summary

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Prologue summary

A pair of young lovers meet their friends at a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of Jess.

They are entertained by their favorite waitress, Chandra. Planning to continue the party at home, Jess agrees to invite Chandra back with them, where she reveals herself to be more than she seems.

After using her hidden supernatural manipulation, Chandra pushes the two couples into an orgy that appears out of their control and eventually kidnaps Jess.

Revealing her demonic nature and appearance, Chandra pulls all her tricks to try to convince Jess to join her kind. Thankfully, her friends arrive just in time to prevent Chandra’s plan, fighting with Chandra’s lackeys.

After being rejected, Chandra decides to withdraw, but not without taking a prize: a glowing pendant heirloom that Jess was gifted by her boyfriend.

Chandra flies away, leaving the friends to stumble out of her hideout and try to return to their normal lives after her manipulation.

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