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Page 3 – 39 published on 2 Comments on Page 3 – 39

Art and story by ABD.
Flat color by Shana
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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Glad that Moccha’s going to see Faolan again! I know it’s because he has the information she needs on getting into the archives, but it’ll also develop their relationship more and maybe might even result in another sex scene between them which will make things even better; just like Moccha and Ama they make a cute pair. ^.^

Though on a less happy note is Lin’s reaction, now Moccha’s leaving without even openly sharing her secret like she promised which is clearly and understandably increasing Lin’s resentment, and chances are that the panda has some jealousy about Faolan liking her friend and is now going to see her again is likely further contributing to her insecurities about being in Moccha’s shadow. More and more I’m starting to really dislike how insensitive and oblivious Moccha is being to her friend’s feelings and struggles, however unintentionally, and it’s admittedly understandable since Moccha has her own issues to deal with that are much more serious and possibly life-threatening, but the unspoken things left between them still won’t end well if they’re left to fester too long and they don’t have a heart-to-heart sometime soon. Even if it isn’t completely Moccha’s fault, with everything that’s going on she’s definitely being a poor friend to Lin, much worse than she was at the comic’s start.

With that thought, I’m starting to think that someone else might be able to help Lin…such as Holly, who was introduced as calling Lin ‘beautiful’ and offering her encouragement through her embarrassment a few pages ago. Maybe Holly can notice Lin’s increasing discomfort and ask what’s wrong and offer her some personal friendly encouragement with Lin opening up to her in turn, which would also help develop both their characters, especially Holly’s by giving her some more depth and sensitivity than the nice yet clueless and fairly shallow rich girl persona she’s had so far. 😉 And since Moccha and Jen have a rather lively dynamic and chemistry who seem pretty close despite only recently meeting, perhaps Lin and Holly can develop their own close friendly dynamic that stands in contrast to the other two gals. 😉

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