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Art and story by ABD.
Coloring, shading and backgrounds Ustudios
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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The main character is quite literally a soul-devouring demonic seductress whose Establishng Character Moment is destroying the group dynamic of a friend group by mind-controlling them into having sex with each other (which they were dusturbed by the prospect of) and then kidnapping and violating a young lady. Somehow, we are expected to side with this cretin, who’d be an arc villain anywhere else. We have yet to see the “Antagonists,” but considering the protagonists, they probably work at the Make-a-Wish foundation and spend the money normal people spend on beer and video games on toys for orphan children. We have only the word of her equally disgustable friend they’re “pricks,” in some way, but we haven’t seen THEM engage in rape and mind control.

While pretty much everything you said is technically true, applying real-world logic to a furry porn comic, or any kind of porn for that matter, even porn with an elaborate plot like this comic, is a misguided effort at best and an exercise in futility at worst. Yes, Chandra most definitely is a rapist in both the physical and mental sense and her actions are reprehensible by anyone’s measure (at least anyone who isn’t one of those idiots that unironically say it isn’t rape if the perpetrator is an attractive woman) but at the same time, the protagonists of the prologue don’t really seem too bothered by her actions. Once they come to their senses and get over the initial shock, the only reaction they show is anger at Chandra for manipulating them and a desire to get Jess back. And after the former is out of the picture and the latter is rescued, their group dynamic doesn’t seem to be all that damaged and none of them appear traumatized in the slightest by their experience, not even Jess who was kidnapped and raped while she was conscious and lucid unlike the prior orgy where everyone at least had the benefit of not remembering. The prologue’s ending implies that everything is going back to normal for them and that on some level they enjoyed what Chandra made them do, even if it is subconsciously, and Jess explicitly says that she thinks Chandra and her followers might have a good side.

So yeah, not really typical behavior for rape victims, but very typical behavior for characters in a porn story. 😛 Though now I’m also wondering if their reaction would’ve been any different if Chandra had also made Martin and Zu have sex with each other, but I’m pretty sure ABD doesn’t do M/M stuff so that’s a moot point.

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