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Page 3-10 published on 3 Comments on Page 3-10

Art and story by ABD.
Coloring, shading and backgrounds Ustudios
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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Dat face at the end…unlike the first commenter—as I don’t recall any indication that Lin has a secret thing for Moccha and the first chapter shows that she already has a crush on another guy—I’m wondering if it’s because Lin also likes Faolan, mainly from their interaction on page 2-38, and she’s jealous that he’s focusing all his attention on Moccha and doesn’t even acknowledge her even though he saved her life from that gang member? If so, poor Lin…it really fits with chapter 1 implying that she feels invisible next to her confident, outgoing best friend a lot of the time. I hope things get better for her. ^.^

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