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Page 2-9 published on 3 Comments on Page 2-9

Art and story by ABD.
Flat color by Shana
Backgrounds by Kino Jaggernov
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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Definitely secksy and intriguing as well. Back in the prologue, Chandra turned down the opportunity to join a foursome of mortals. Moira clearly isn’t suffering any ill-effects from her booty call. Maybe there’s some interracial law that prohibits sexual interaction between humans and whatever race Chandra and Moira (and Ama and apparently partially Moccha). With the prologue, it sure didn’t seem like Chandra was the responsible type, what a shift this is, and what sort of mischief does Moira have on her mind, now that she’s gotten her energy boost.

Deer, correct me please if I’m wrong here. I have the feeling that in the Prologue, Chandra did not participate in any sex because she was there “recruiting” a potential new Selini. She did not join in because she did not want her own energy to screw with the energies of the four. It seemed that it was the release of their energy that led to her choosing Jessie. In this case Chandra was just irritated with Moira because she was supposed to be working on assignment. It also seems that Chandra is the leader of the Selini, so as such perhaps she is holding herself to a higher standard as a leader. Moccha is her “descendant” after all, so somewhere in the distant past Chandra must have done some horizontal intermingling with the mortal plane.

I’ve been reading another comic that has characters that “feed” off the emotional energy of mortals. While Moira doesn’t seem to be feeding exactly (absorbing seems to fit better here), she does need the emotional energy and she doesn’t snuff out the life of the person she’s feeding on like the characters in the other comic. I don’t know who created whom first but I’m thinking it was just a coincidence that both characters survive the same way.

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