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Page 2-6 published on 7 Comments on Page 2-6

Art and story by ABD.
Flat color by Shana
Backgrounds by Kino Jaggernov
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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Awww, poor Moccha. I’d love to hear the backstory of how Chandra managed to take off with Moccha and still leave her to be found in connection with the fire. Also, I hope Ama didn’t go back into the fire to commit suicide…I hope she used the fire to (hopefully temporarily) return to her “supernatural” home and not draw more suspicion than necessary. And it’s great to see Lin step up to help out Jen. Not really sure where this is all going, especially with the girl who stopped by the library and spoke with Chandra, but I’m definitely intrigued. Keep it up!

I have a question, what’s up with no nipples ? It’s been a while since I read this comic and if I’m remembering right there was a pretty hot and eclipse sex scene. Has the comic turned sfw ? Lol

It was mostly because I thought the nudity would be distracting from the dramatic tone of the scene. Actually the comic will remain NSFW, but the adult scenes will be very specific and mostly to keep the plot moving forward. And there’s an adult scene coming up really soon 🙂

Lin’s panties changed color in the bottom left frame. Love the comic so far! Better fanservice than High School DxD and a captivating story to boot!

Yes! I apologize for that! Some people have already commented on that fact. It’s often difficult to keep track of all the small details and this one just slipped through my mind. I’ll try to correct it soon. Sadly as I’m so busy all the time with multiple projects, I can’t tell when that will be. But I’ll seriously keep it in mind. Thanks for letting me know and for your kind words! 😀

I just wanted to drop my praise in right now– because of the relatively slow update schedule, I do the bookmark/binge-read pattern for this comic. I’m really enjoying Moonlace- the art, the story, the character design, and the intriguing latticework of plot threads leaving me wanting more. Good job, and keep it up- I’ll be back, again and again!

Many thanks for your kind words! I’ll keep trying to get better and offer you and everyone a good story and art 😀
As for the frequency of updates, it mostly depends on the money earned through Patreon. At this point we’re very close to hitting the next milestone, which means a third update of Moonlace every month. The plan is to eventually being able to update Moonlace once a week. So let’s hope we reach that milestone soon! 😀

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