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Page 2-53 (End of Chapter)

Page 2-53 (End of Chapter) published on 3 Comments on Page 2-53 (End of Chapter)

Art and story by ABD.
Coloring, shading and backgrounds Ustudios
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

And with this, we finish Chapter 2 “Crossroads” of Moonlace!
Thanks a lot everyone for reading so far!
I’ll be working with the script of the next chapter in the meantime and will post a couple of pinups to burn time.
Next update will be on March, so please keep an eye open for when chapter 3 starts!

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So let me guess, her succubus instincts take control of her and she ends up using her powers instinctively to hypnotize all her friends into doing a lesbian orgy with her overnight?
It makes perfect sense to me where this is likely going and I like It! ^.^

Interesting. Does Holly have the book Schylla was talking about, or is there something else “otherworldly” about her that is setting Moccha off? Love the way Jen is just taking charge. Maybe get Lin drunk enough and her true feelings for Moccha may come out… 😉

I have a feeling that by the beginning of the next chapter, Moccha’s succubus instincts will take control of her and she will use the same powers she used before on instinct to hypnotize her friends into having a lesbian orgy, none of this should be any surprise from what we’ve already experienced from this adult webcomic series already.

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