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Page 1-47 End of Chapter

Page 1-47 End of Chapter published on 5 Comments on Page 1-47 End of Chapter

Art and story by ABD.
Backgrounds by Kino Jaggernov
Flat color by Shana
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

With this page we reached the end of Chapter 1. This was only thanks for everyone’s support, either it be with money, with sharing the word around in the internet, voting on TopWebcomics, or just simply by reading and giving me your feedback! I’m very very thankful to you guys for helping me reach this milestone!

Chapter 2 will start soon. First page of Chapter 2 will be posted on the first friday of March. It will be March 1st.
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I can think of a helluva lot of worse things to wake up to. Since Moccha doesn’t seem to recognize the hottie from the shower (can’t tell if she recognized Lin and shower-girl IS someone new, or if she didn’t recognize Lin and shower-girl both). Jazzed for the next update!

last page she recognized Lin.. panel 6.

an no one commented on M’s tat…

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