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Art and story by ABD.
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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Oh shit! What in the hell has Ama been up to?!? Moccha is gonna freak out when she realizes that her boss, who gave her a total spooky vibe is some mystical warrior/cult leader. No idea where this is going, but I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Not the innocent blond Floof she has been playing at, is she?
well this got very interesting! I Love a good story, and This is a Very, Very Good Story.

Thanks a lot! Sometimes I wonder if creating these comics is worth all the time, money, effort and, yes it sounds cheezy, but also love that they require. It’s comments like yours that make me believe they actually are worth all that. For giving me an emotional boost to continue he hard work that’s creating these comics, I thank you deeply 🙂

As a fan of the current 3 you’ve got with DB plus Swashbuckled, your work is absolutely worth it! Please keep it up!

Thanks! Don’t think I didn’t notice your comments too! I sometimes can’t reply to everything on all my galleries and the website. Sorry about that! But I also appreciate a lot your interest in my work. I promise I keep you guys in mind when I do what I do. Specially when things get difficult, it’s only because there’s people that like what I do that I can continue 😀

Not the surprise I expected. So Ama was never Moccha’s innocent friend. Ama was recruiting on the side, and despite her expression of “surprise” Chandra knew it. That’s why she had the other part of the medallion. Complex little plot.

This is a good story. I’ve loved what I have read so far. As a lesbian, I crave well-written romance/erotica, and this does not disappoint. I see the same quality in Bethellium, and C-Chan had my sides hurting from laughter. I definitely plan to continue following all your work.

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