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Art and story by ABD.
Script proofing and advisor Tsumi

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Ok! Moccha taking charge and bringing the sexy! Still, I can’t help but wonder if Chandra is somehow involved in this, given Moccha’s splitting headache/fade out before showing up at Ama’s place.

The early in the Chapter “mom’s stuff” comment that Coccoa made before she left makes me wonder if somehow Coccoa and Moccha are Jess or Shizuka’s kids, but seeing Moccha mostly undressed her markings don’t really match up to either couple in the Prologue.

Okay, that last panel makes me think they were lovers before Ama went on her “world tour” or, at the very least, Moccha thought about it.

I wondered about that too, back in the library with all the massaging hands and get a room talk, but if they were lovers, why was Moccha so unaware/unfamiliar/unknowing about how Ama was going to “test their compatibility.” Something’s going on, but I’m not sure what.

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