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Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 published on 3 Comments on Christmas 2017

However you celebrate the holidays, we wish you the best time ever!

We received plenty of support this year and we can’t be thankful enough for it! We can only say, Thank you everyone! For helping us keep this project alive and becoming bigger and bigger everyday!

This year DarkBlueComics and our friends of Swashbucked wanted to share with you a small christmas pic of the main characters of our comics. Kitty on the left and Aria in the center have their own adventures that you can find here: (The comic is a bit mature)

I’m actually drawing for them the comic Swashbuckled, so you may be interested in checking it out sometime! No one can say no to a good pirate story!

And of course, Chandra on the right is the villain of Moonlace, hehe.

Our best wishes this end of year, everyone!

Prepare for bigger and better changes on 2018!

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Hello ^_^ Belmontzar here, popped on over and read all of your story already o.o I saw your holiday picture over on Swashbuckled, and Chandra made me want to hop over and read. Love the story so far and im looking forward to learning more about HER back story. Anyway, keep up the great work and looking forward to the many pages to come ^_^.

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